Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Neva Did It Again

I totally love what Neva Crystal does with my stuff! She sent me this image with the Beach Combers' Bar. Thanks Neva!

Geometric Relief Wall Textures

Check it out! New textures! This set is design to give your interior build a bit of a feature lift. Geometric relief patterns really add to your design arsenal.
It was a fun set to make - in a slight departure for me, these are partially rendered using physical lighting. This basically means they look pretty realistic in Second Life. I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Beach Combers' Bar

Do you have tikifatigue? Are you getting sleepless nights over dry palm fronds. Here's your cure!
This is my new scene for Second Life - a beach bar thrown together from storm debris - split mast, ancient whisky crates and oil drums  and it's the perfect getaway beach hangout.
There's a bunch of animations built in with menus for up to five AVs.

It was a bit of a long haul to make - lots of textures and detailed modelling - hopefully you think it was worth it!