Sunday, 31 March 2013

Enchanted Forest Building Set

Oh, I do love a good wood. It's always been a challenge in Second Life to build a densely wooded area without burning up your prim allowance tree by tree. So, as I enjoy a challenge as much as the next tree hugger, I've been working on a new Enchanted Woods Building Set. More info here. Visit inworld here - there's plenty of woody wandering to be done.

And the winner is...

So the Neva River Photo Challenge is over and we have a decision on the entries. It's a truly humbling experience to have to choose a winner from so many truly creative images. I was simply blown away by the extremely high standard and picking a single image out of so many possible winners has pretty much fried my brain! The final results can be seen here.

Neva, Boo and I figured out the top 3 by pooling our faves and I very much wanted to share my own shortlist of favourites - all amazing images. Thanks to all who took part - watch this space for more fun comps (when those burnt out brain cells regrow).

In no particular order -  enjoy:

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Neva River Photo Challenge

I've been working with Neva Crystal on her new sim (see prev post) - now it's open we thought it would be fun to have a photography competition.
It's open to all - so feel free to visit and if you can create an image for the comp, all the better -  and 1st prize is L$10,000 cash!

More info here

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Neva River Sim Opening Today

Lately I've been enjoying a 'from scratch' sim build, working with Neva Crystal on her sim, Neva River. It's given me a great opportunity to test out my landscaping products and of course creating with Neva is a pleasure as always :) More details on the sim opening here. It's well worth a visit!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Enchanted Tree Tunnel

For some time now I've been musing over making something like this for Second Life. Like many of my product ideas it floats around in the back of my head somewhere ready for the right moment to emerge. So I started this a couple of weeks ago, found it a challenge, let it for a bit and came back with a fresh eye. Now I'm happy with it.
The Enchanted Tree Tunnel is a detailed mesh landscaping piece with hi res ground textures. Dappled light plays on mossy, leafy path and the trees arch gracefully over your head as you walk through.
See it here: Skye Elgol