Wednesday, 6 February 2013

New Beach Building Kit

One thing I'm passionate about is subtle detail - the sort of detail that's often lost in the low poly environments of virtual worlds like Second Life.
So, for example, it's pretty easy to upload a sand texture through your Second Life sim terrain settings, throw some virtual waves and rocks around along with some wave sounds and get quite a pleasing beach.

For me however,  it's just not enough! I need more detail in my virtual world!

Beaches are a good example. I like to see sand darken and smooth out as it gets wet. I like to see pools form around rocks and ripples form in the sand where waves have lapped. If I have waves I would prefer that they wash up the contours of the beach. In short I want detail in my beach!

So guess what? I made a building set that give us detail. Yay!

It's a mesh set with a number of beach shapes you can res and fit together to create your virtual beach.  The waves are mapped to the beach shape and gentle washing wave sounds complete the atmosphere. All models and textures are set up and ready to go.

Now we can stroll the beach thinking "mmm, I have detail"

More info here.

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