Monday, 6 February 2012

Second Life Mesh

The most significant thing that's happened lately in my design life is the introduction of Mesh in Second Life. It's been just the motivational factor I needed to learn something new and get myself stuck right into 3D software. Blender is my weapon of choice - initially because it's free and a much more feasible programme that the hugely expensive options (no need to name them here!). But I cannot believe it's such a powerful tool! Hmm, perhaps my most significant happening is learning Blender! Anyway, hats off to the Blender Foundation for such an amazing resource.

Having created quite a few builds using SL tools, I was aware of the possibilities and limitations of the system and had grown quite confident working within these parameters. But SLMesh is a whole new ball game of creative fun. The ability to create detailed models and accurately apply textures across multiple faces is just mind-blowing! I'll be posting more thoughts on this later, but for now a little sneak preview of my current mesh project. 

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