Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sci Fi Textures for Second Life

I've always loved sci-fi art! One of my prized books, which I've had since my early teens is a Paper Tiger publication (1977) entitled The Flights of Icarus. It's a marvellous collections of works by some of the greats of sci fi and fantasy art. Roger Dean is in there of course (as it turns out, it's his publishing house!) along with Chris Foss, Jim Burns and a great host of talented artists. It was (and still is) an inspirational book. A quick shuffle round Deviant Art will reveal some amazing work  - the result of a generation inspired by these guys.
So it's logical for me to work on Sci Fi texture sets. They aren't necessarily as popular as some of the more general textures sets I have made for Second Life -  I suppose it is a bit of a niche market - but that doesn't stop me enjoying making them. 
I plan to do a whole load more, but here are the sets I have made to date:

Oh, and there are a few free sample textures on my Deviant Art gallery. Enjoy!

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