Friday, 4 May 2012

Any Bright Texture Ideas?

One of the most rewarding things when making Second Life texture sets is the feedback I get from customers. It's motivational to get positive comments and know that my work is appreciated. So thanks to you all for that :)

From time to time you guys come back with a suggestion or request for a texture set. Generally these ideas fall into the "I was looking for this kind of texture but I can't find a decent one anywhere"  category.

So my principle on this is If it Will Make a Good Texture Set That I Can Sell to Everyone I will Make It!
In other words, if I can invest the time (it can take up to day or more to make a set) and it will benefit you, me and the rest of us, then it's a fine idea. The good thing I find is that these kind of sets usually sell pretty well, as they directly fit into market gaps - it's a WIN-WIN, yay!

A good stucco texture is very hard to find? Not any more ;)

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