Thursday, 31 May 2012

Terrain Work in Progress - Rocky Outcrops

If you are anything like me, you will have spent most of your Second Life dreaming that one day maybe, just maybe, some decent rocks would turn up. As an SL old timer I predate sculpties and therefore can remember quite clearly the trauma of making rocks from deformed sphere prims, hiding the crappy texture wrapping under the ground. But hey, they looked good… in the same way that Joan Rivers does: fantastic from a distance, but just don't check too closely round the back.
And then sculpties appeared. Great God in Heaven! Now we could make rocks that resembled great lumps of stuff that elephants drop casually behind them as they chomp their way through another half tonne of eucalyptus forrest. Result!
But now we have mesh. Oh yes. Predictably, I have now made it my mission in life to make, using the dark magic that is mesh, the best rocky outcrops in Second Life. I have no idea what the best rocky outcrops in Second Life are at the moment or who makes them, so equally, I have no idea how to gauge whether I have succeeded or not in this mission.
But I guess I'll know when I've done it - cos I'll have that little warm glow deep down in my mesh winkles that tells me it's ok to unleash new stuff on YOU - my wonderful, loyal, and ever-so-discerning customers.
And if the worst come to the worst, at least I'll have made the best elephant poo in the virtual universe!

Here's wot I dun so far:

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