Friday, 13 July 2012

Studio Skye Customer Galllery

I've been thinking for a while about creating a gallery of Studio Skye customers' work and images on the main Studio Skye website.  (Is customer the right word to use? Sounds a bit detached and dull but you know what I mean.)  It's always fascinating to see what people are doing with my textures and builds. Anyway, I've never quite gotten round to it - I swear my to do list has had babies. Today though, I  have  found my inspiration  - a gorgeous pic from Neva Crystall which I think should be an excellent start. I love the spirit of the scene and I like that fact that my build is an incidental detail!

Here's said beautiful image with Driftwood Beach Den in background. If you want to join in, email your pic to or IM me in Second Life. Watch this space for gallery - soon to be checked off to do list :)

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