Thursday, 16 August 2012

Summer's about done - new work coming soon. Sand Dunes!

Hey! It's been quite. I know it. The sumer sort of took over and before you know, a month or two evaporated in the rain and now I must make new stuff. I left of on a beach theme and that's my starting point for the next wave.

One thing that's always tricky to conjure up in SL is the border between things. Black and white is easy, blurry is a doddle but interesting transition seems to elude more often than not.

To spout an example, dunes are the glue between the beach and a somewhat more expansive and grassier world. I love them, as do many - they're magical places to be.  But in SL they are tricky to conjure up. That sort of detail is kinda lost between beach sims and grassy sims.

So here starteth the glue:

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