Friday, 24 August 2012

Boardwalk Building Set for Second Life

Somebody once said to me "omg! OMG!" which I took to mean they were excited about something. Today I can safely say "omg! OMG! OMG!!" which you can take to mean I'm very excited about something!

If there's one thing that helps tie a sim layout together it's a nice road or path. Everybody loves them.

So enter stage left the Boardwalk Building Set - a beautifully finished wooden raised path to add luscious detail to your project.

The really exciting thing is that it comes in both Beach and Grassy Flavour for ultimate flexibilty.

I've been notching together boardwalk sets all day - up and down hills and dunes - and it is a whole pile of fun!

The set includes all models and textures

Check out my demo sim areas - one for each type

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