Friday, 24 August 2012

Hey BOSLers! Some free textures samples for you :)

Those lovely folks over at BOSL are writing an article on Studio Skye - so to thank them and YOU, their readers, I've posted some textures samples below - feel free to download and use in your Second Life project. Usual licence applies - please don't resell or give away as simple textures (although you may sell builds using these textures). Feel free to pass this link around of course!

And here are some other pages on this blog with free texture samples for Second Life:

Geometric Tiles - full set here

Laced Leather - full set here

Patchwork Leather - full set here

Snake Stud full set here

Glass Mosaic - full set here

Painted Metal Panels - full set here

Bead Charms - full set here

Italian Glass - Full set here

Exotic Skins - full set here

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